We write the sex history of the city, by Massage Girls Amsterdam. But, where it started everything and what inspires us in this field of giving pleasure.

What says the Sex History of Amsterdam?

During the Middle Ages, the prostitution was tolerated in The Netherlands. With a number of conditions imposed, the girls were allowed to work, in order to protect the high society’s women, from rape. Starting with 16th century, under the influence of the Spanish protestantism, the sexual activities were forbidden outside the marriage. Amsterdam though, managed to keep some brothels, where this activities were allowed. In the Golden Age of Amsterdam, the people were “closing their eyes” for prostitution. Even though, sometimes, these activities were outlawed, the art was very interested about this style of life.

The 18th century came with a segregation of the social classes and prostitution was, without a doubt, a job for the lower, poor class. Probably, the most terrible work conditions in the sex history of Amsterdam. The 19th century brought better conditions for the sex workers, including medical tests, in order to protect the Napoleon’s army from sexual transmitted diseases. Until 1970 the prostitution had different approaches, but it was always seen as a job for the low class, without any benefits. During the time, though, this activity extended it’s influence and gathered women from all kind of nationalities. The year 2000 came with the legalization of this job, the Dutch people showing a more open mentality about this subject.

We write the Sex History

By offering the best erotic services from Amsterdam, we make sure that we write on the files of history. Maybe, not on the official papers, but for sure in the book of your life. All the people involved in the activity of Massage Girls Amsterdam, have all the rights respected and work according the law. We make sure that the girls have the best working environment and all their rights are respected. In this way, we guarantee our success as a company and your happiness as a customer.

Redlight district in amsterdam

Sex history amsterdam

The provide and the use of erotic services, with other words, prostitution, is legal in The Netherlands. Because, in the last years, lots of brothels and Red-Light windows have been close, the hotel massage and hotel massages services, provided by our agency became more and more popular.

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