A relaxation massage is the best way to get rid off all the stress from your body, to relax tensed muscles and why not, sleep like a baby after. Maybe you will not expect this, but beside all the other erotic services we provide, we are also specialized in relaxation massage. The purpose of this therapy is simply, the relief off all the stress your body suffers from.

Why a Relaxation Massage?

We are all humans and we are dependent on our bodies. No matter who we are and what defines us, it will always be a limit. The stress is a common factor for all of us and it will affect us, in a way or another.

How did you travel to Amsterdam? By plane with those small chairs? Or maybe you just step out from a long ride by car. Did you come here as a tourist and you are already tired from visiting and partying? Or maybe you are a business man and just finished a stressful meeting. No matter what your answer is, we think you need a good relaxation massage.

A big mistake, which majority of us is doing, is going to sleep without actually getting a bit of time to relax. There is a big risk of sleep problems, insomnia or nightmares. No matter how good the bed is, you might get pain in your back, muscular cramps or stiff members. The relaxation massage is the most popular therapy, easy to adapt on the the needs of your body.

Everything will relax, your mind will be relieved from stress and your skin will get pampered with scented oils.

This type of massage has a great influence on your muscles, it will improve your mood and it will help your blood circulation. Any sign of exhaustion will disappear and your mind and body will come in a perfect balance.

relaxation massage

Relaxation massage

This type of massage it might be called the most innocent one. It doesn’t require sexual involvement if the participants don’t want. The purpose of this technique is about getting the muscles to relief all the tension gained over the day. Our massage girls, master this techniques so good, that most of the clients just fall asleep during the session.

The beautiful part of this massage, is the fact that both of the participants can get into a connexion, by simply having a soft talk, breathing together on a common rhythm or focusing on the moves of the hands. If you have a sauna around, don’t hesitate to use it together with the girl, to get a chance to know each other better.

In the end, you will feel as a new born, ready for a new day and new experiences. Don’t hesitate to let yourself spoiled by one of our skilled girls. Let your body and mind in the hands of us and you will not regret!!!