Rates massage service in Amsterdam

Most of the amount that you pay will cover the girl’s time and her travel costs. A part of it will go also on the advertising costs and what is left, will represent our commission. The provided services includes standard massage sessions. We would appreciate if you will understand the efforts we’ve made to offer you this rates and please, try not to negotiate them.

Discount & special pricing

We are doing our best to offer you, beside really beautiful girls also some great deals. Don’t miss the opportunity to book instantly more hours. You will get a very attractive discount for. Take notice that, the only situation when we charge a bit more, is the moment when you are situated a bit more far than normal. Then we will add a very small amount to cover the travel expenses. Don’t waste your precious energy by looking for better deals. You will need it when you meet the girl.

Area 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours
Massage dam square € 150 € 290 € 420
Massage leidse square € 150 € 290 € 420
Massage rembrandt square € 150 € 290 € 420
High class massage service € 300 € 575 € 825
Outside amsterdam € 150 € 290 € 420
Massage amstelveen € 150 € 290 € 420
Massage badhoevedorp € 150 € 290 € 420
Massage beverwijk € 150 € 275 € 400
Massage den ilp € - € 275 € 400
Massage haarlem € 150 € 275 € 390
Massage hoofddorp € 150 € 275 € 400
Massage spaarndam € 160 € 275 € 410
Massage weesp € 150 € 280 € 410
Massage westzaan € 150 € 275 € 400
Massage zaandam € 150 € 275 € 400


Pay with pin, credit card or cash money

Our cheap and affordable prices for massage service

Pricing massage amsterdam

We always try to find a balance to satisfy all the involved parts. We offer you different services, such as: massage, high-class dates or any other experiences which will bring you pleasure and happiness. After you express your wishes and we find the best match for you, a girl will arrive on your door. It can take around 30 minutes or she we will be exactly on time, on your desired hour.

Payment by cash: you will deliver the fees for the massage service directly to the girl. Payment by online: we use a high secured service for money transfer, with a small extra amount to cover up the transaction. Everything is safe and we will respect your privacy. We will never disclose your personal details to a third party. Ask our operator about details.

We cannot be hold responsible for any kind of extra transactions happened behind the closed doors. The girl can charge some extra amounts for her special services and we have nothing to do with this matter.