The nightlife of Amsterdam is a perfect occasion to have some fun and to spend some great moments, together with one of our beautiful hotel massage girls.

Attractions for Nightlife in Amsterdam

The main attraction for the tourists is, by far, the Red-Light district. Groups of men or even open-minded couples admire the beautiful girls, while thinking if it’s the good moment for a little bit of erotic fun. The thoughts are worked out by the nearby, cozy cafes. Leidse square is one of the Amsterdam’s nightlife centre. If you want to enjoy the Dutch art, you can visit the City Theatre, the most representative cultural attraction. You can take part also to events hosted by smaller theaters, get live entertained by Lido theatre or watch a good movie in a cinema. Don’t forget about all kind of musical events, with different performances, sometimes, from very famous artists. Meanwhile, regain your forces by taking a drink or a snack in a restaurant of cafe.

If you feel to spend some money, take your chances in a casino. You never know how the odds are. Rembrandt square is another centre of fun. Yes, Amsterdam is famous for having two main areas for fun and culture. Again, you can rest in one of the cafes of restaurants, while you take a decision where to spend the night. Next to the Rokin street, you will find many theatres and Jordan brings together big crowds of young people.

Amsterdam’s nightlife in clubs

From the famous White Sensation event until the most different themes for parties, for sure you can find one to suits your preferences. The clubs are spread all over Amsterdam, but they are easy to reach by public transportation, which has non-stop rides. Even though, around 2am the parties must stop, there is a big chance to make new friends, ready for a good after-party.

Amsterdam’s nightlife in coffeeshops

Sometimes, the tourists don’t believe, but soft-drugs are allowed in The Netherlands, if you reached the legal age of 18. We advise you though, no matter how good it might sound, do not buy drugs on the street, from all kind of strange unknown people. You can spend some funny time, in a coffeeshop, most of the time until midnight.

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Nightlife in amsterdam

Nightlife amsterdam

The nightlife in Amsterdam starts with a wave of silence. Only the restaurants are full with people, enjoying a tasteful dinner, with international background, or, why not, a typical Dutch food. The joy which comes with the extra glasses of alcohol is the start of another full night of fun. The streets hosts people taking a walk and the squares gets busy while hosting different events.

Beautiful girls, will knock in the window and expose their attractive bodies in order to offer you some moments of pleasure. Lots of things are possible as long as you respect them.

If you push the limit, a security guard of even the police will make sure you are not welcomed there. No matter how cool it might be for you, it is totally forbidden to film or take photo’s in that area. The girls value their privacy and the rules have no exception.

You might end up without your phone or camera, be forced to leave the area or taste the Amsterdam’s nightlife in prison. Enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam’s night life, together with one of our massage girls.