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massage jobs Amsterdam – Working as an massage girl will open a different world for you. You will experiment the beauty of the rich night life of Amsterdam. We are in the 21st century and the world feels more free to talk about massage jobs. The women became independent and able to take their own decisions. They are responsible for their own choices and nobody should have a word against it.

You will get the chance to meet generous gentlemen, willing to enjoy your beauty in exchange of attractive amounts of money. A sophisticated dinner in a fancy restaurant and a spiritual conversation between bubbles of champagne? Or maybe a relaxing jacuzzi session with a glass of good wine? What about a night out visiting the attractions of Amsterdam or going to an exclusive event? And maybe, next day, a good session of shopping in the most luxurious shops.

These kind of opportunities comes very often in the life of a hotel massage girl. All the benefits are kindly sponsored by generous and attractive men, which doesn’t hesitate to open their pockets for the company of a beautiful woman, as you.

Demands for hotel massage jobs

It is easy to understand, that the benefits listed above, come in exchange with some things. The number one rule is the fact that you are not forced to do nothing which might prejudice your pride and well-being. Safety is very important for your health and for yourself, as a person. You have the right to say “NO” in the moment when things goes too far. Sometimes, you might get in return, not a very happy reaction.

But we demand you to stay strong in your decision, because we will fully support you, physically and psychically. That’s why, is absolutely necessary to communicate clearly your availability regarding your provided services. We respect your limits and we will never put you in the situation of reaching them. Working as an hotel massage girl, requires most of the time, a sort of intimate contact. From simply taking a bubbled bath until a full sexual intercourse. You are not forced to do absolutely nothing against your will.

But you must understand that your availability on this kind of services must be on an acceptable level. You don’t have to worry. We listen carefully the wishes of our clients and we always make the best matches. You, as a hotel massage girl, will always end up spending a wonderful night with a suitable gentleman.

Before applying for hotel massage jobs, please take a look on the following:

1. In order to work with us, you must be allowed to work and live in The Netherlands. On the first meeting, we will let you know what papers you need to provide for all the legal terms to be accomplished.
2. The decision regarding of working as a hotel massage girl must be totally yours. We do not encourage not any kind of human or work exploitation situations.
3. You will sign a contract where all the legal issues, about this job are carefully listed.
4. Working as a hotel massage girl is an accepted job by the law, in The Netherlands. We assure all the legal terms for this and we will not take responsability for your further actions, outside the contract.

Working in hotel massage jobs

There are a few physically qualities which we look after, when we choose a new member for our team:

✔ Your age is between 21-35 years.
✔ You are not suffering from a Sexual Transmitted Disease. Any other health issue will not influence in a negative way your job’s performances.
✔ You have a nice figure, without significant birth marks or big scars.
✔ The measures of your body are not a selection criteria, as long as you are good proportioned. But is important to let as know if you have any plastic surgeries.
✔ You are a person who likes to take extra care of herself, from head until toe.
✔ You are willing to dress to impress and you are able to handle any fashion matter according to any kind of requests.
✔ Let us know about any eventual tattoo’s and/or piercings. The customers are very precise about these kind of matters.
✔ In case you change radically your look, such as plastic surgeries or color of you hair, please let us know on time, in order to update your profile.

There are also, a few psychically qualities required for working in hotel massage jobs:

✔ You are spiritual healthy and you don’t represent a danger for you, your colleagues or the customers.
✔ Your English must be at least on conversational level. Any other foreign languages that you might know, will bring something special on your profile.
✔ You are able to wear a conversation about different subjects and act in society.
✔ You know how to give a good quality time to the customer, by mixing different ways of spending the evening.
✔ You are a cheerful and joyful person, with a good sense of humor, patience and focused on making the customers happy.
✔ You are able to keep your calm in difficult situations and take care of your safety.

One of the most important demands from us to you: please communicate clearly your working hours and your availability for the provided services.

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Jobs for massage girls

Work as masseuse

Being the best hotel massage agency from Amsterdam gives us a lot of customers. We like to provide the best services on the market and that’s why, we are always open for having new girls in our team. There are a lot of advantages in working by our team:

– Flexible schedule and working times
– Young and beautiful colleagues
– Happy and joyful work atmosphere
– A source of high income
– High class environement
– Safe and protected work
– Work with a legal company

Even though, for many people this work field is a taboo subject, working as an massage girl comes with lots of advantages. Flexible schedule: you are the only person who can choose when you work and for how long you are available As long as you tell as clearly and on time.

High income: the standard payment offered by our agency and any other additional cost that you might charge from the customer, will allow you to come on a high financial level. Easy to combine: our girls have also another job or they study. You will be able to take care of your personal life and reach your goals.

Exclusive places: you will have the chance to visit the most beautiful hotels from Amsterdam or to eat in the most fancy restaurants. And most of them they really worth it to be seen. Events and night-life: you will get invited to glamorous parties or you will visit all kind of touristic attractions in Amsterdam. Your social life will be great.

Meeting new people: you will constantly come in contact with generous customers, from all over the world. Great way to expand your cultural horizons and receive lots of presents. The best thing in all of this, is the fact that nobody will ever find out how you earn your money. We follow strictly rules of privacy and we will never bring you in a embarrassing situation.

Meeting so many different people, from all over the world, brings also all kind of experiences.

1. We start our schedule around 19:00, so until that time we want you to let us know, what is your availability for that evening.

2. On the moment that we have a booking for you, we will contact you to give you de details. According to the wishes of the customer, we will decide if you are a good match. We will give you also extra details regarding clothes or personal needs you need to take care of.

3. For the instant bookings, you need to be ready in 20 minutes, in order to be picked up by the driver. For the scheduled booking, we will let you know on which hour you need to be ready.

4. You will be picked up by one of our drivers, which will bring you to the destination. He will wait you outside permanently, until you are ready to go back home.

5. The most important thing you need to take care of, when you are with the customer, is to get the business part arranged. Count the money and confirm the payment to us.

From now on, everything depends on you. There is not a pattern which follows these meetings, but you must understand your role, for that specific period of time, when you are with the customer. Generous gentlemen who love the company of a beautiful massage girl. Give your best and you will become one of our finest girls.