We are proud to announce that we provide highclass massage service in hotels and we reunite under our label some of Amsterdam’s most beautiful girls. We know it might look difficult for you, to choose a girl that suits you, from such a wide offer. That’s why, we gathered all the information you need to know, so you can take very fast the best decision.

Beside doubting around, you can spend your time with one of our high-class massage girls. We guarantee for our girls. That’s why, we think that booking a girl by our agency will bring you lots of satisfaction. Our priority is to deliver the best high-class massage service from Amsterdam. That’s why, every profile is made with lots of attention and you can find only real information in.

HighClass Massage Girls in Amsterdam

No matter what, we always try to deliver the best massage services in your hotel. The quality of it and the professionalism of the girls are very famous among our international customers. You might ask yourself: if you offer already the best in Amsterdam, how can surprise me a high-class massage girl? First of all, we have a small selection of girls, which are available only for this kind of service. They offer their services only in specific moments. They offer a lot, but they like also to be treated different.

HighClass Outcall Escort Amsterdam

Our elite is formed from a group of beautiful women, with a model career in the background. You can imagine the beauty is not questionable in this case. They have an expensive taste for luxe and beautiful appearance. They dress after the last fashion trends and they put a lot of effort in their personal look. Everywhere they go, eyes are turning after them. These high-class companions are not only beautiful dolls. Beside keeping company to generous gentlemen, they have other jobs or study's.

Each one of them speaks multiple languages and they can handle a deep conversation no matter what the subject is. The spiritual qualities are also on a high level. They are cheerful persons, who appreciate a good dose of humor. They can enjoy a good party, but they love also to relax on a couch with a good glass of wine. Working as escort, gives you good knowledge about people needs and desires. They can listen very good when you need a confident, but they can give you also a good advice when is needed.

HighClass Escort Prices

It is easy to understand, that a highclass massage service is rated higher than a regular one. A girl who provides such a high quality service will accept only the bookings which suits her. In this case, quantity buys quality. The prices are covering our service as an agency, the transport costs and a standard amount for the girl, in exchange for her availability. Above of this, a small extra amount might get charged, if you choose to make an online payment.

HighClass massage Special Pricing

We have no influence and we cannot be hold responsible for any other costs charged by a highclass massage girl. We will not tone down our prices, just because you intend to offer gifts or extra tips to the girl. Even generous gentlemen love discounts. We love also to give it to you, if you book instantly more hours with one of our luxurious highclass massage girls.

HighClass massage Amsterdam

Our high-class massage girls are very special persons, thing which you can see it from the beginning of the evening. They might look fierce and fatal, but you need to do only two things: have respect for them and be nice. They will open for you as a flower.

High class massage

High class massage

The high-class service offered by our agency, is dedicated to the customers who want to take a girl outside the hotel room, for a more special occasion. A highclass massage girl can be next to you by dinner dates, private parties, business meeting, family events, cultural activities or holidays. The examples can go on, of course. It is your decision for what reason you book one of our highclass massage girls from amsterdam.

It is very important to know though, that according to the purpose, we need to communicate clear about it. There are arrangements to be done and the girls need time to prepare themselves. Being an massage service, the girls who works for us, knows that intimate relations might be part of a date. But they are not forced to do something which can affect their health of dignity.

How you will spend the time it is a matter between you and the girl. We have no influence on it and we do not take responsability for eventual complains. As long as you are clear about what do you want, we will do our best to find the best matching for you.

For this exclusive service we selected the most beautiful girls and we always try to keep our standards extremely high. Our companions are high skilled in understanding and pleasuring generous gentlemen and they accommodate very easy to different scenario’s and requirements.

For more information please give us a call on +31(0)6-11387899. We are happy to serve you very discrete and fast within amsterdam only offering the best high class massage girls you can find. We also accept booking online where you can fill in all your desired wishes. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Our agency is open untill late hours, daily.