A happy ending massage usually is the final part of other erotic massage therapies. Enjoy the maximum of pleasure provided by Hotel Massage Amsterdam. By Massage Girls Amsterdam, we offer a large variety of erotic massages.

Most of the time, how the evening will go on, is between the customer and the lady. Together, you can decide how far or not, you want to be involved in the action. You can choose for a simple Relaxation Massage, without any intimate involvement, but you can also go a bit more naughty, by trying something more passionate.

What is a Happy Ending Massage?

As we said, this type of pampering comes at the end of another type of erotic massage. Basically, it consist in focusing all the attention, on your intimate areas, in purpose of getting the final climax. Is very important to understand that, a happy ending massage is made by oral or manual extra stimulation. Asking for this type of pleasure, doesn’t mean that the girl is forced to go in an escort type of performance. Getting a service like this is included in the price that you pay initially.

For any other extra pleasure that a girl is willing to give you, you might be asked to pay some extra fees. We cannot be hold responsible for any actions happened behind closed doors. Don’t forget that our special girls ask to be treated with respect. Most of the time they know a happy ending massage is the goal of the evening.

But don’t get shy in asking extra attention for your intimate areas. We understand a man’s needs and over the time, we learned how is the best way to full fill them. We accomplishes that by having feedback from our customers and getting tips from our girls. That’s why, this type of massage became one of our most important and desired services.

Contact happy ending masasge

To get in touch with our services, please call us on +31(0)6-11387899. We offer various girls from amsterdam available to provide erotic massage with happy endings. Delivery in the most ideal moment starts from 25 minutes in both private appartment or hotel of choice. We only offer genuine photo's of our masseuses.

Happy ending massage

Happy ending massage

Most of the time, a happy ending is desired, as final part of different massage sessions. And it’s totally understandable, when you have in front of you a beautiful, naked girl, with the body of a goddess, with sweet skin, soft and sensual hands. A happy-ending to any type of massage comes as the supreme relieve of tension from your body. General, the action consists in the classical hand-job. The difference is made by some little extra attention given to the entire genital area.

If the things get too intense, some of the gentlemen ask for the action to go further. Let yourself carried on the wings of pleasure and enjoy all the moments of erotism and attention offered by one of our attractive girls. Take a look on the other types of massages provided by Hotel Massage Amsterdam and combine them with the ultimate pleasure offered by a happy ending massage.