Girl Friend Experience or GFE massage service is specially offered for those gentlemen who have some troubles by being around a feminine presence.

gfe massage – what it means?

The GFE massage service might have two different approaches: First of all, it means that the meeting between you and the girl, will get more personal. Even though, the financial matters must happen, the atmosphere after will turn in something more cozy than usual. Basically, you will feel like having a girlfriend or why not, a wife.

gfe massage in Amsterdam

Lots of customers will make a request like this only to cuddle and to feel the warmth of a feminine presence. Sometimes they like to engage with the girl in all kind of cleaning or cooking tasks, shopping or just to relax in front of the tv. We get bookings also for all kind of family or social events. In this way, you can appear with a beautiful girl and enjoy some wonderful moments. The second meaning of the gfe massage is the availability of an massage girl to offer some extra erotic services. When you like very much one of our extraordinary masseuses, you feel the wish to experiment more intense and more personal. In exchange of a symbolic amount, some our companions are open to step over some limits with you.

GFE Girls

You must understand though, that not all our girls are open for this meaning of the GFE experience. You can see their availability for this, on their profile and we recommend you to talk about it with the girl directly. We have absolutely not any influence on this and we cannot decide for them. We cannot be hold responsible for anything that happens after the payment is done. If you want to try this service, which makes happy countless, lonely gentlemen, don’t hesitate and contact us. Make sure that the girl you like is open for this and hurry up to make a booking. After that, just enjoy the beautiful moments of being a couple.

gfe massage

GFE masseuses

Having an massage experience it might be a challenge for lots of men. The tension of meeting an unknown woman, the nervosity of engaging in erotic moments or the clumsiness of impressing her.

Most of our customers will move over these kind of feelings, but we have also a special GFE massage service, for the ones, a little bit more shy. The gfe massage option is one of our most demanded services and it has great success.

The customers keep calling back for it and the girls love it. In the end, we are all humans with feelings. Give us a call on the number +31(0)6-11387899 for bookings or more information. The best gfe massage from Amsterdam.