This beautiful art of the erotic massage combines successfully the benefits of a relaxing massage with the sensual touches of a beautiful girl.

If you try to regain your sexual appetite, try this simple massage, made with sensual and careful moves. Let your imagination go wild and everything might end with an extraordinary erotic intercourse. This is the art of the erotic massage.

Why an erotic massage?

A regular massage experience might be not so suitable for everybody. Most of the time, the prelude is too short, sometimes not even there. Both of the parts jumps directly in action, because of the lack of mood or time. The missing of tenderness, sensual touches or passionate kissings will make the sexual act to be mechanic, without a true and natural pleasure. When the partners will not feel close to each other, gaining a happy end will be very difficult. A simple method to rediscover the sexual fun is an erotic massage. Our professional girls will take care of you in the most relaxing, but passionate way.

Steps for an erotic massage

A zen atmosphere is very important. Feel free to talk with the beautiful girl in front of you, what is the best way to create it. You can refresh together, by taking a shower or warm bath. This type of massage must happen in a special environment, where comfort is a must. Our girls will take care to prepare the bed, while you can help her in order to break the ice. Don’t be surprised, if the pillows will be placed under your neck, knees or ankles.

A cold feeling is not nice in any situation. Specially now, when your blood will begin to move a bit faster. According with your wishes, you will get covered to avoid any chills. Don’t forget though, to let the most important zones easy to access. Relaxation music is another important part of an erotic massage. Our girls have a special playlist, which can be used with a possible matching device. If not, any other source of relaxing sounds, like nature or rain, might help.

A very important ingredient for this kind of spicy meeting is a good quality massage oil. With it’s help, the hands of the girl will get smoother and the friction moves will warm them up. In this way, any velvety touch you will feel on your skin will glide easier. From our experience, we advice our customers to make a minimum 2 hours booking. In this way, every part of your body will be carefully treated and the climax would feel countless times more satisfying. If you decide though, for a shorter meeting, guide the girl on your main erogenous areas.

For more info please check out our website and make your selection of massage girls in hotel. We are available by phone on the number +31(0)6-11387899. We also accept online booking of massage girls for erotic massage.

Erotic massage amsterdam

Erotic massage amsterdam

It always has been the mysterious and taboe part of this beautiful art. Even though it’s roots goes back in time for centuries, the erotic quality of this massage might blush most of the people. The main area of focusing is your erogenous zones, which will surprise you what kind of wonderful sensations can give you.

The erogenous areas of your body are the trigger for most of the sexual excitation. Although, there is a border (a thin one) between sexual activities and the actual erotic massage. So, beside the relaxation type of massage, the scale of intimacy between the two participants is higher. A high skilled masseuse, by providing an erotic massage, can help you also to treat some sexual dysfunctions, that some of the gentlemen can suffer from, with the time.

We will not describe you exactly how and what will happen. This is part of the mystery of the meeting. We must confess you though, that we are lucky that each girl have another way of providing erotic massage. No matter how, each move would be careful made, in order to increase the dose of pleasure. After that, you can finally admit, a happy end is actually the best relaxation method. Long or short massage sessions our skilled girls will give value to any moment.