The erotic city tour of Amsterdam or how to see the for real, things which happens behind closed doors, from a kinky of funny approach.

Erotic City Tour- Erotic museum

Placed in the middle of Red-Light district, it is easy to find, because of the huge neons lights, above the entrance. It is hosted in a building from 17th century and it offers an exhibit on three floors. Beside all kind of erotic souvenirs, the museum focus itself more on aspects from Red-Light district. They even recreate, with the help of a wax doll, the environment of a pleasure room. You can find also an impressive collection of old photos and all kind of erotic art, between signs of John’s Lennon work. For the inner-child from all of us, you can find a projection of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, but with a huge erotic accent. Let’s not forget about the huge vending machine, which sells the most craziest condoms you can think about. Beside the Red-Light district, in the Erotic Museum, you can take as many photo’s as you want.

Erotic City Tour – Banana Bar

Another attraction from our tour, is this place, where you can enjoy various erotic shows. For a fixed price, you will be welcomed in this bar and you will get around with very beautiful girls. They will perform for you and, in exchange of your generosity, they will show you the craziest things. Put your charm in action and the girls will take care that your glass is always full.

Erotic City Tour – Casa Rosso

If you are a bit more shy or you want to avoid such a close contact with a sexy girl, this place might be perfect for you. The action takes place in theatre set up, where you will get served with drinks. Meanwhile, you can enjoy all kind of erotic shows, from striptease until live sex performances.

Erotic City Tour – Sameplace

With a more direct approach and very famous attraction, in this place you can involve yourself in different erotic acts. They have a gay and transgender friendly policy and a special day dedicated exclusive for men. Here you can satisfy all you interests and fetishes, while you take a drink from the dungeon bar. Another interesting aspect of this place, is the dress code. You must appear in the sexiest outfits you can get, with a stronger accent on specific fetish nights. As you might imagine, some of this places have a strict regulation against filming and taking photos. We advise you to not push the limits, otherwise your erotic night will end up, in not such attractive place. All over, security is a strong element of this places. Make sure you behave, for a 100% satisfying night. If you book one of our naughty girls, for sure they will give you the best guidance.

Erotic city tour

Erotic city tour

Amsterdam has many cultural attractions and it hosts various events, which brings people all over the world. But, this main city of The Netherlands is the Heaven for any person which loves a bit of erotic adventure. Over the time, Amsterdam became host for special places specialized in satisfying your adult desires.

From a simple walk between the red lighted windows, until all kind of adult shows, with more or less physical involvement from you. For sure, the Red-Light district is the main attraction of Amsterdam. Beautiful girls with sensual moves will try to convince you to visit them in their red lighted rooms. The streets are always full with curious tourists, shy couples or men who loves to challenge themselves. In general, the nightlife of Amsterdam is great, with a wide selection of clubs, pubs, bars and parties. It takes a small step from these kind of events to an erotic adventure.

If you are an open-minded person, so many attractions might looks for you, as a candy shop. It will be difficult to choose, where to start with and to decide what is worth your money. The girls from Massage Girls Amsterdam are loving to go out and have fun. They are also, probably, the best persons to visit these kind of places. They will not be shy in trying all the crazy things possible and they will make lots of fun.