The body 2 body massage is situated on a higher level of sensuality than a regular erotic one, being provided by the body of a girl, only for your pleasure. By Hotel Massage Amsterdam we have a different approach of this type of erotic massage. The things might get more explosive and incredible, knowing that you are not aloud to touch the girl, unless you get the permission.

The purpose of the body 2 body massage, is that your pleasure limits will get tested. How much sensuality and teasing you can handle, before the big climax?

Why an erotic massage?

A regular massage experience might be not so suitable for everybody. Most of the time, the prelude is too short, sometimes not even there. Both of the parts jumps directly in action, because of the lack of mood or time. The missing of tenderness, sensual touches or passionate kissings will make the sexual act to be mechanic, without a true and natural pleasure.

When the partners will not feel close to each other, gaining a happy end will be very difficult. A simple method to rediscover the sexual fun is an erotic massage. Our professional girls will take care of you in the most relaxing, but passionate way.

What is a Body 2 Body massage?

Beside a regular erotic massage, where the girl uses only her hands, the unbelievable physical feelings you will get, are caused by the use of the entire body of the girl. When the classical erotic massage moves are made, you will achieve an almost surreal state of relaxation, between dreams and reality. From this level, everything around you will disappear. The whole world will reduce on the moves of the girl’s body. Another interesting part of this massage, is the fact that your eyes might get covered.

The mystery of the next move will make everything more spicy. The idea of now knowing which part of the girl’s body touches you. Or the surprise of getting rubbed on the most unexpected moments and areas. How do you think it is, to feel a pair of full breasts on your skin, but without actually seeing them? Would you like that your intimate parts to be rubbed by a firm and soft ass? Or maybe to get covered by a silky wave of hair, just as a Spring’s breeze.

The advantage of a body 2 body massage, is the possibility of mixing more types of this therapy. You only need to open yourself for the craziest experiences. Feel free to talk with our excited girls and make the most beautiful evening together.

Body to body massage

Body 2 body massage

The massage girl will use not only her hands, but she would give you amazing stimulation with her entire body. This type of massage leads, most of the time, to a happy-end. Beside your erogenous zones, also you genital areas will get lots of attention. The charm of the body 2 body massage is about the using of the feminine curves.

Our beautiful ladies, will touch your sensitive area with their full breasts, the ferm ass, the soft skin from their body and the warm hands. With different grades of pressure and speed, all your hidden senses from your body will get stimulated, for the supreme relief. We want to let you know that, the possibilities of a body 2 body massage are infinite. It only depends on your availability of experiencing new sensations and the amazing skills of our beautiful companions.

Get in touch with us for more information and make your booking today. We will guarantee you the very best body 2 body massage service, possible.